You're Almost Like Me

by Tölt

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You're Almost Like Me is Tölt's first ever official release. My first solo EP but I hope not the last one.


released April 25, 2016

Gaëtan FAGOT : songwriting, engineering, guitars, vocals, programming, bass on tracks 2 & 4
Alexandre PENNEC : bass on track 1
Hibu CORBEL : drums on tracks 1 & 3
Hikit CORBEL : bass on track 3



all rights reserved


Tölt Brest, France

Tölt is Gaëtan's laboratory. Gaëtan is also known to be the guitar player for Robin Foster and Tax Station. Firstly this project was an occasion to grow as a music producer, attempting to make the best possibles home recordings. No restrictions.

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Track Name: Do You Remember
Do you Remember

I would like to take you to another country
Where it’s cold outside but you still feel happy
And they won't tell you, what you have to be
I’d like to carry the day for you and me

D’ you remember ?
Do you remember ?
How good it was when there were no lies ?

D’ you remember ?
Do you remember ?
The last time you took a look at the sky ?

I did not change I’ve always wanted
the good side of the barrier
not having to cheat
You just have a choice, two possibilities
I would like to lead you to your destiny
Track Name: Another Day
Another Day

I’ve just got out of my winter blues
I never thought I could feel this way
then provided everything just to confuse
making me sad day after day

We don’t need much to realize
What life is made of and what’s the line
We don’t need much to feel alive
And find a way to follow, let’s find a truth to follow

It's just another day, I don't want to break down
It's just another way, I would like to see things
it’s just another day, I don’t have to be wrong
It's just another day, that I’d like to live
like many of my friends I’ve got a lot to give
It’s just another day I decide to be strong

I don’t really want to hear more news
As if I needed it to feel awake
I no longer want to feel guilt and regret
(because) once at the top I could help you
Track Name: The Key
The Key

do you see what life has made ?
life has made of me ?
some may want to be in my place
it isn't where I wanna be

do you ever feel like
you're lost and you can't see
the way to get back on track
when you already have the key ?

Come on
let's see all you have done.
Is there so many things wrong
to feel that bad ?

Hold on
but don't always act alone
in this way you can't go wrong
you’ll feel glad

Forget all you have been told
before now
this was just the learning phase
start to grow

you will always feel that
you’re lost and you can’t see
no way to get back on track
when you already had the key
Track Name: Every Now is a Start
Every Now is a Start

How many mornings
you woke up with no goals
feeling your life is slipping
that it’s time to move on
Inside of the streets
you started to roam
In you head, in your heart
you don’t think that it’s your fault

For a long time you’ve wished
to go back to the start
but if you ever went there
you would have still looked back
there’s so much issues
you have to be smart
but you know that it’s true
every now is a start

If you can read inside of you boy
immerse yourself in full joy
(and) things may appear to you
You already have all the tools
use them to set up your rules
it’s what the rest of us do

Sometimes you would like
to stop the dream, to be off
that it’s a waste of time
you feel entirely lost
but as you go ahead
you’ll see it’s never too late
and as you may feel it
your smile is back on your face

Nobody never ever told you
but we all feel the same
and to title this story
I really should put my name
you only can decide
to apply your own art
you only have to decide
every now is a start